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      Welcome to my fanfic page. I've attempted to link off all my current works in the Harry Potter universe. Check my main page for my other web published works.

      I haven't been able to update much since taking my day job, but finally, after a LOT of catching up, I can finally devote some time to my fanfic.

      You can check out shorts and stream of consciousness pieces in my Live Journal.


      Newest Stories!

      You're the Inspiration
      Fluffy short cookie from the future of  Fate's Manipulation that I created for the FictionAlley Valentine's Challenge last year. Features James and Lily, Sirius, Harry and Ginny.

      Destiny's Dilemma
      Avada Kedavra. Two words. One meaning. Death. Lily Potter tries to pick up the pieces of her life as a dormant evil targets her and baby Harry. Will goodness and light prevail over seemingly unstoppable dark magic?

      Next chapter in progress. It will be published as soon as I have it done and betaed.

      Shared Sadness
      In the wake of OOTP, Harry and friends must cope with the tragedy. In a series of first-person vignettes, they reach peace and grapple with some shocking developments.

      I'm trying to finish this one before Jan 15.
      Fate's Manipulation examines what REALLY happened to Lily and James that fateful night? Two lost souls are trying to make their way back to Hogwarts and Harry Potter, but many obstacles stand in their way. Will the Potters get their happily ever after or is this just a cruel manipulation of fate?

      Next chapter in progress! I hope to have this done before Feb 1.
      Matter of Relativity is co-written with Mark. Two fics will be intertwined. The first starts in 1959 with a prediction from our favorite self delusional predictress Trelawney After being overcome by a vision, she is heard to say the following: "Mistakes will come back to haunt them. One will be lost, another will slumber eternally. Two will be ripped from the comforting bosom of life. And the last will stand proud for all eternity."

      Mark is no longer co-authoring this with me. His day job is just too hectic. As soon as he and I can get our heads together, I'll write the next chapter.


      The Authoritarian features a group of characters being gathered together to discuss trends in fanfiction and views examples in a MST style. A great sense of humor is a must when reading this fic!

      Right now I'm stuck on this one <sigh>
      Toys is a little bit naughty one part humor fiction. When Lily Evans find a special present from Petunia in her suitcase, Sirius uses the 'gift' to torment James.


      My angel. My destruction. My heartache. My destiny Sirius is obsessed with his former lover. When the wrong person approaches him at the wrong time, his lapse in judgement could be his downfall.

      I hope to finish this one before or around Feb 1.
      Pure Magic. A quest to find a long dead friend reunites Ginny, Hermione, and Ron when they find someone who looks like the deceased Harry Potter. Can he be the key to healing them?

      This one is on a bit of a hiatus unfortunately. I hope to get my groove back soon!

      My fanfic can also be found at Fanfiction.net


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